Dyna-TRAC Flexiseal Skirtboard Sealing System is a dynamic skirting system which automatically compensates for both vertical and horizontal conveyer belt movement while maintaining a tight dust seal between the steel chute structure and the conveyor belt. Wear of the rubber sealing element is automatically compensated by nature of the dynamic seal design.

The dynamic seal design allows Flexiseal to accommodate for differences between the loaded and unloaded belt profiles, conveyor belt mis-tracking and irregular belt wear, while maintaining an efficient seal. In addition, Flexiseal incorporates grooved rubber skirting which channels material trapped between the skirting rubber and belt back into the main material flow of the conveyor. This feature virtually eliminates belt wear as typically seen on many other skirtboard systems.

Dyna-TRAC Flexiseal furthermore employs our unique CAM LOC clamping system incorporating tempered steel spring clamps that totally eliminate all direct threaded fixings. The CAM LOC system allows very easy seal replacement while securely clamping the sealing element.

Flexiseal will effectively contain very fine dust or coarse material and combinations of these while automatically compensating for seal wear.

Flexiseal is supplied with 1.5m long mounting plates, clamps, cams and sealing rubber as a complete module and is suitable for all conveyor trough angles.

Grooved skirting rubber is supplied in 30m rolls and can be gap jointed to form a continuous seal over almost and distance without the need for overlapping joints.



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Flexiseal Standard Sizes

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