Spray Bars

Dyna-TRAC Spray Bars are used to spray water onto belts to assist with cleaning off residual materials. Spray Bars are also used in conjunction with Dyna-TRAC Wash Stations and in various dust suppression duties.

Dyna-TRAC Spay Bars are normally located between the primary and secondary scraper. In this configuration, the primary scraper is used to remove the bulk of the carry back material, then the spray bar is used to soften and loosen the residual material, and the secondary scraper then removes any carry back material and dewaters the conveyor belt. Sometimes, an additional secondary scraper known as a tertiary scraper is required. Tertiary scrapers provide an additional level of cleaning and dewatering.

Dyna-TRAC Spray Bars cater for various applications, duties and spray patterns, and are available in steel or stainless steel construction.

For mounting details or General Arrangement drawings, please contact Dyna Engineering at dyna@dynaeng.com.au