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We are one of the leading West Australian owned and operated conveyor specialists with over 30 years of experience in designing, engineering and innovating conveyor components.

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Custom Conveyor Systems for Industrial Applications

DYNA Engineering has an extensive range of conveyor components including but not limited to idlers, pulleys, belts, scrapers, impact beds, diverter ploughs and conveyor guards. Our services include conveyor audits, pulley refurbishment and general fabrication. As the designer and manufacturer of all our products, you can be assured of the quality of our products and services. Our experienced team of professionals, who are leaders in their fields, and are able to assist you with your enquiries while providing a great customer experience. We also offer bespoke solutions to suit your application and can assist you in solving any issues you may be experiences. DYNA Engineering has a proven track record of designing, manufacturing and delivering our conveyor components to prominent projects, on-time and on-budget. Our local manufacturing capabilities make us flexible and responsive to your needs and able to meet tight deadlines to best suit your requirements.

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We offer a comprehensive range of conveyor systems and components tailored to meet your industrial needs. From conveyor rollers to durable conveyor belts, our conveyor products are designed for optimal performance and reliability in your material handling processes. Whether you require a complete conveyor system or replacement parts, we’ve got you covered with solutions engineered for efficiency and longevity.

DYNA Engineering HDPE Conveyor Guards

HDPE Conveyor Guards

100% recycled & recyclable HDPE;
40% lighter;
Low maintenance.

DYNA Engineering Conveyor Pulley Rubber Lagging

Conveyor Pulley

Infinite life;
Static and/or dynamic balancing;
Crowned or non-crowned;
Variety of lagging options.

DYNA Engineering Training Idler Trough Idler Frame

Idler Sets

Includes inline trough, offset trough, return, trough trainer, return trainer, transition, and more.

DYNA Engineering Kolag Dimple Ceramic Conveyor Pulley Lagging

Pulley Lagging

Variety of groove patterns;
Smooth or dimple ceramic;
Various bonding options.

DYNA Engineering Conveyor Audits Conveyor Idlers Onsite

Conveyor Audits

We offer a range of tailored conveyor audits and inspections, which include detailed reports on specific components, problem areas and complete conveyor systems.

DYNA Engineering Conveyor Maintenance Services Sandfire Onsite


We offer on-site service for the maintenance and modification of conveyors, chutes, impact beds and skirt seals, drives, and other conveyor equipment.

DYNA Engineering Pulley Refurbishments Services Conveyor Pulley Ceramic Lagging

Pulley Refurbishments

We offer extensive refurbishments of conveyor pulleys, including crack testing, assembly replacements and shell re-lagging.

DYNA Engineering Fabricating Services Conveyor Pulleys Welding

Fabricating & Manufacturing

We have experience in fabricating quality conveyor structures, chutes, impact beds, idler roller frames, pulleys and many other fabricated metal conveyor components and structures.

DYNA Engineering Conveyor Audits Conveyor Idlers Onsite

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