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3 Reasons to Use A DYNAFastFit® Scraper

The DYNAFastFit® scrapers are a conveyor cleaning component most suited to being fitted to the head pulley and below the material flow. Belt scrapers are designed to remove carryback material which sticks to the belt and can cause issues to the conveyor system if not removed.

The DYNAFastFit® scrapers have additional benefits when compared to a standard scraper arrangement, including those discussed below.

Safer and Easier Maintenance

Our DYNAFastFit® scraper range have a unique design feature which enables personnel to perform maintenance from outside of the conveyor chute. The retractable shaft can be easily withdrawn from the chute in one motion, allowing for out-of-chute maintenance.  Additionally, the patented bearing housings have been specially designed for quick and easy removal.

The ability for personnel to perform maintenance on the scrapers from outside of the chute removes the need for them to work in confined spaces, climb into the chute or use scaffolding. Working in these conditions, which the typical scraper requires, can be costly, time-consuming and dangerous for the workers involved.

Therefore, the unique design features of our DYNAFastFit® scrapers allow maintenance to be performed more safely and in a more timely manner, reducing down time and increasing productivity.


Twist Lock Adjuster


Our scrapers have a modular design, which allows for parts to be interchangeable between our range of models and types. For your convenience, the spare parts are also common across the entire scraper range.

Typically, traditional scrapers need the entire scraper replaced if the operator wishes to change the blade type. However, our scrapers are mounted on a standard track mounting system, allowing any blade type to be installed without the need to replace the scraper.

We also have a selection of adjusters available for each scraper, including Twist Lock, Pin Lock, Compression Spring, Tension Spring, Air, Water, Oil and Gravity.

The customizable design of our scrapers means they can be adapted to almost any location and style with available designs for primary, secondary, tertiary and reversing scrapers.

DYNAFastFit® H2 Primary Scraper

DYNA Engineering H2 Primary Scraper

DYNAFastFit® T2 Primary Scraper

DYNA Engineering T2 Primary Scraper

DYNAFastFit® XT2 Heavy Duty Primary Scraper

DYNA Engineering XT2 Heavy Duty Primary Scraper

DYNAFastFit® G2 Secondary Scraper

DYNA Engineering G2 Secondary Scraper

DYNAFastFit® N2 Secondary Scraper

DYNA Engineering N2 Secondary Scraper

DYNAFastFit® R2 Reversible Scraper

DYNA Engineering R2 Reversible Scraper

Quality Manufacturing

DYNA Engineering Polyurethane Conveyor Belt Scraper Blade

Our DYNAFastFit® scrapers are designed to last as they are constructed completely out of stainless-steel so they won’t rust, corrode or sustain paint damage.

Polyurethane blades are the most popular choice for use on our scrapers, which are a quality customizable material that can be used on new, older or worn belts. It has the ability to wear into the shape of the belt in a reasonable time-frame to maintain effective belt cleaning.

With our innovative DYNAFastFit® design features, our belt scrapers are an ideal choice to improve personnel safety, maintenance costs and productivity.

Read more about our DYNAFastFit® Scrapers on our product page here:

DYNAFastFit® Scrapers

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