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3 Things to Know About Our New H Primary Scraper

Introducing the H Primary Belt Scraper to the DYNAFastFit® Range

DYNA Engineering H2 Primary Scraper

A new spin on an old favourite, DYNA Engineering has brought the H primary scraper to the DYNAFastFit® range.

Our new conveyor scraper design has incorporated the tried and tested features of the old-style H scraper and the features of our DYNAFastFit® range. This has created the easy to install and maintain DYNAFastFit® H2 primary scraper.

With multiple shaft configurations and adjustment options the H2 scraper will be a valued addition to your conveyor system.

1. New Features

Our newly designed H2 scrapers incorporates some new features to improve the old design. A larger carbide tip is fitted to the H2 blade when compared to traditional tips. With over twice the volume of carbide, the new design will last much longer against the belt creating increased service life.

The new blades are mounted on to our newly designed rubber cushions, which have the ability to be adjusted radially. This allows the maintenance person to align the blades with the shape of the belt easily, reducing gaps that cause material carry through.

Our standard H2 scraper is fabricated from 100% stainless steel. Corrosion is not an issue due to the long-lasting properties of stainless steel. We believe these upgraded features come together to make a much-improved primary scraper.

2. Faster Maintenance

The DYNAFastFit® features of the H2 scraper will make maintenance a shorter task than traditional designs. The bushes and retractable shaft in the DYNAFastFit® range make removing the scraper from the chute a simple and safe task.

Where scaffolding inside of a chute may have been required to replace the H blades in the past, the retractable shaft can be removed and serviced completely from the walkway.

The H2 blades are bolted to our newly designed rubber cushions which slide off of the retractable shaft. This limits the number of nuts and washers that can be dropped through the walkway grating.

DYNAFastFit® aspects compliment the H scraper design to deliver an easily serviced primary scraper.


3. Simple Installation

Installation is made simple by still staying true to the original H scraper design. Once we have established which arm length is fitted to your existing H scraper (SS, S, M, L or LL) or determine the correct size from the head pulley diameter, the DYNAFastFit® H2 Primary Scraper will fit in exactly the same position as your old H scraper.

In some cases, we will be able to bolt our scraper onto your existing scraper brackets. This eliminates the need to cut or drill into the chute or existing structure.

Don’t like your existing screw adjustment option? Our new H2 scraper is adjustable in multiple ways. Choose from either one side of the chute or both sides (depending on belt width). Other options include torsion spring or compression spring, and manual adjustment.
All of these aspects of the H2 scraper will make fitting the new scraper a simple task.

Much Needed Improvements

We have been working hard to make much needed improvements to the widely used H scraper. The new H2 blades, rubber cushions and stainless-steel components make for a high-performance scraper, that will last as long as the surrounding plant.

Maintaining the scraper is simple with our retractable shaft and segmented rubber cushions.

Using the existing scraper position makes installing the new scraper simple and our new adjusters will keep constant pressure on the belt for longer.

All in all, the DYNAFastFit® H2 Primary Scraper is a long-awaited improvement on the retro H scraper of the past.

For more details on this scraper, and our whole range, please visit our scrapers page or contact us via our website.

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