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DYNAFastFit: Next Generation Conveyor Scraper

Concept: Out of chute conveyor scraper maintenance

DYNAFastFit is a conveyor cleaning product designed to enable personnel to perform maintenance from outside the conveyor chute.

The out of chute design has many benefits which include fast and easy assembly and disassembly, improved safety and thorough maintenance. These benefits and more are discussed in detail below.

The problem: getting access to the scraper

DYNA Engineering Tom with Conveyor Scrapers and Pulley

It’s common that access to cleaning equipment can be awkward, in confined spaces or elevated. Personnel are under pressure to perform maintenance efficiently and effectively which can be difficult and sometimes dangerous depending on the location.

With its fast and easy to assemble and dissemble design, DYNAFastFit can be detached and removed from the chute faster and easier than conventional scrapers.

This allows maintenance to be performed in a more secure location such as walkways or platforms, on back of a ute or even in a nearby workshop.

Need to begin running the conveyor running ASAP? Simply install a spare scraper. Maintenance can be performed on the removed scraper back at the workshop, when time is on your side. At the next shutdown reinstall the repaired scraper and begin the process again.

Performing maintenance work outside shutdown hours can be a cost saving. Reduced reliance on overtime during shutdowns and increase equipment life with thorough maintenance.

How easy is DYNAFastFit to disassemble?

It’s a simple matter of removing two bolts so the scraper shaft and blades can be pulled out of the chute in one easy motion.

The design has been engineered for the removal of the scraper shaft and blades without losing any of the settings. DYNAFastFit is self-aligning, self-lubricating and self-locating system.

DYNAFastFit Demonstration Video

Improving safety levels for conveyor maintenance and servicing

DYNAFastFit Conveyor Belt Scraper DYNA Engineering

During routine maintenance procedures a significant number of mine site safety incidents are reported. A large number of these happened on and around conveying systems.

When you consider conveying systems are an integral component used in most operations, you need to consider ongoing maintenance and how these activities can be conducted in a safe and efficient manner.

There is a benefit for maintenance tasks to be routine, safe and easy to understand. DYNAFastFit has been designed to enable Standard Work Instruction (SWI) can be used to safely carry out the task.

Overhauling the design for fast and simple removal and improving safety were key goals for Graeme Greaves (DYNA Engineering’s Managing Director) when designing and engineering DYNAFastFit system.

Every fitter knows that scraper maintenance can be awkward, difficult and precarious. Employing an easy to disassemble design, the scraper can be easily removed from the chute. Maintenance can be performed outside the conveyor chute with the minimum risk possible.

Performing the maintenance in a secure location can eliminate the need to enter the chute. As well as reduce the need for scaffolding and confined space permits.

Personnel working condition may also improve. When performing out of chute maintenance, the benefits of DYNAFastFit can include using correct working positions, avoiding poor ergonomics and reducing high risk work.

Strong design and built to last

DYNAFastFit has been designed to last. With a stainless-steel construction, rusting, corrosion and paint damage are an issue of the past.

To find out more about DYNAFastFit, check out our DYNAFastFit page.

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