DYNA Engineering HDPE Conveyor Guards and Module

DYNA's Innovative New Conveyor Guard Modules

DYNA Engineering is known for our innovative and quality engineering of conveyor components. Our engineers are always seeking new ways of solving common issues with intuitive design and smart manufacturing.

Our team at our workshop and head office in Bayswater, Western Australia, have been working arduously to design and manufacture our latest innovation conveyor guarding and solve common issues experienced by our customers.

Design Features & Benefits

Easy installation & Maintenance​

Our new conveyor guard modules are built in segments which are designed to be lifted on and off the conveyor simply and quickly to ensure easy installation and maintenance.​

Environmentally Sustainable

At DYNA Engineering, one of our key focuses is on being forward-thinkers by producing more innovative conveyor components that are environmentally sustainable. Our guard panels are made with 100% recycled plastic. 

In this recent project, DYNA used over 4 tons of recycled plastic, which saved it from going to landfill.

DYNA Engineering HDPE Conveyor Guards
DYNA Engineering HDPE Conveyor Guards

Benefits of Our HDPE Conveyor Guards​

The high-density polyethylene (HDPE), which makes up our conveyor guards, ensure that our design is light-weight, low maintenance and a corrosion-free alternative to conventional non-HDPE guards. Our HDPE guards are also fade-resistant, UV stable, impact-absorbing and do not require any painting.

The DYNA Engineering HDPE Conveyor Guards with our new modules will be advantageous to your conveying operations as our guards have a patented ‘X’ design making them up to 60 per cent stronger than the standard square mesh guards.

Locally Manufactured​

Our conveyor guard modules, along with many of our other products, are manufactured locally in our Bayswater workshop. DYNA Engineering has a strong focus on supporting local jobs and local manufacturing manufacture means that lead times are greatly reduced. Reduced lead times ensuring ensure we can complete your production order to high standards within a shorter time-frame.


Similar to many of DYNA Engineering’s other products, our HDPE Conveyor Guards can be specially customized to suit your conveyor requirements. All our guard are specifically designed for the application, ensuring a high degree of accuracy and fit for purpose.

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