DYNA Engineering Conveyor Pulley Belt and Material Impact

Effective Methods to Reduce Impact Damage

Impact damage to conveyor components can occur when bulk material falls from the transfer point into the impact zone below. The transfer points can often be several meters high and the impact can often involve lumps of heavy material being accelerated by gravity.  

Over time, impact zones can become damaged and require repair or replacement. For example, the belt can become worn and disfigured from over-stretching under the pressure of falling material. If the material impacts the belt at a high enough velocity it can pierce the belt and cause holes to form. These impacts can dramatically lessen the service life of your conveyor belt, which can have a costly ramification as belts are one of the most expensive conveyor components.

Impact damage can also occur to other components and structures of the conveyor system, such as the idler frames and rollers. The good news is, there are two effective methods to absorb the force of material impacts and reduce the potential damage to conveyor components.

1. Impact Idler Frames and Rollers

DYNA Engineering Idler Rollers On-site

Impact idler rollers are fitted to specifically designed impact frames which are positioned beneath the conveyor belt at the transfer point as a support system for the belt during operation.

Impact rollers are designed to absorb the impact loads, and for this reason, they are the type of idler roller we recommend using at transfer and loading points. Using impact rollers to absorb impact forces also means that the impact rollers will have a longer service life when compared to standard rollers. This is due to the fact they are designed and made more durable to meet the application.

DYNA Engineering Conveyor Idler Roller Impact

DYNA Impact Idler Rollers​

Our idler rollers are quality assured as they are manufactured from high quality ERW tube, precision pressed bearing housings, quality double sealed bearings, and labyrinth seals.

Check out our idler rollers product page for more information on the different types of rollers we can supply.

2. Impact Beds​

DYNA Engineering Impact Beds

Impact beds are another effective method for reducing the occurrence of impact damage and are used in place of impact frames and rollers. Typically, they are installed under the belt at the impact zones to absorb the impact forces of falling material.

Impact roller sets can have noticeable gaps between the sets but impact beds offer more support as there is no gap along the horizonal plain.

DYNA Engineering Impact Beds

DYNA Impact Beds

Our DYNA-TRAC® impact beds reduce repair and maintenance time and costs in impact zones. They are available as standard, heavy duty and hybrid impact beds. Furthermore, we also offer custom impact beds, which you can discuss with our conveyor specialists.

For more information on our DYNA-TRAC® impact beds, see our products page.

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