The Unique Features of the DYNAFastFit® Conveyor Scraper Range

The DYNAFastFit® conveyor scraper range has many unique and innovative features which are not found on conventional conveyor scrapers. These revolutionary characteristics include our patented bearing housings and retractable shaft. When combined, these features are designed to reduce maintenance hours and improve safety and working conditions.


Out-of-Chute Concept

DYNAFastFit® is a conveyor cleaning range designed to enable personnel to perform maintenance from outside the conveyor chute. The out-of-chute design has many benefits which include fast and easy assembly and disassembly, improved safety and thorough maintenance.

It’s as simple as removing 2 bolts so the scraper shaft and blades can be pulled out of the chute in one easy motion.

The mounting brackets remain in position which allows you to keep the original settings. When you have completed your maintenance activities, return the retractable shaft to the chute, reinstall the 2 bolts and tension the scraper.

As all of the work can be completed from outside the chute, there is no need for confined space permits, scaffolding or climbing into the chute.

T2 DYNAFastFit Conveyor Scraper

Retractable Shaft

The retractable shaft can be withdrawn from the chute in one easy motion.

The adjuster is also located on the retractable shaft, which enables the adjuster to be removed from the chute at the same time. This allows easy service of the adjuster unit in a more convenient and ergonomic location.

Patented Bearing Housings

The bearing housings designed for the DYNAFastFit® range enables quick and easy removal from the chute.

The feature also allows the scraper’s blades to be adjusted and offset without any disassembly or the need to open the chute.

Fits All Traditional and Conventional Scraper Positions

The DYNAFastFit® range is designed to fit all traditional and conventional scraper positions. The conventional layout was considered when engineering the DYNAFastFit® range.

Our designs can be fitted into new or existing scraper locations without the need for major changes to the chute.

Significantly Reduced Maintenance Time

We completely re-engineered the way maintenance work is done on scrapers. DYNAFastFit® supersedes conventional scrapers by reducing maintenance time by approximately 20%.

Maintenance is important for all conveyor equipment.

Due to restricted access and the difficultly of work, scrapers are often left to last and not maintained to the required standard.

Modular Design

ScraperThe modular design is a great feature of the DYNAFastFit® conveyor scrapers. Parts are interchangeable between different models and types, and many of the spare parts are common across the range.

An excellent example is the mounting bracket for the blades. The blades are mounted on a standard track mounting system. This allows any blade type to be installed without the need for replacing the scraper, which is the normal situation when compared to conventional scrapers.

Different adjusters are available for each scraper and are fitted without modification. The choice of adjusters includes Twist Lock, Pin Lock, Compression Spring, Tension Spring, Air, Water, Oil and Gravity. Most adjusters can be fitted on either end of the shaft.

Adaptable Design

DynaFastFitThe DYNAFastFit® range can be adapted to almost any location and style of scraper. We currently have ready-to-go designs for all primary, secondary, tertiary and reversing scrapers.

Sizes range from 400mm to 3500mm belt width with configurations to suit a large variety of pulley diameters. H and P type scrapers are also available, plus many more.

Tough and Built to Last

DYNAFastFit® belt scrapers are constructed completely out of stainless-steel, therefore they will not rust, corrode or sustain paint damage.

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