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V-Plow - Does My Conveyor Need One?

The V-plow is a conveyor belt cleaner which cleans the non-carry (back side or return side) of the conveyor belt. It is designed to remove small and large rocks and excessive sand build-up before the belt contacts the pulley.

If the material were to remain on the non-carry of the belt, the material will wedge between the belt and the pulley which can cause damage to both, reducing service life and increasing belt slippage.

The Optimal Location for a V-Plow

Usually located immediately before the tail pulley, the V-plow also requires a flat surface of the belt to function correctly and gain optimal results.

DYNA Engineering ME-Plow

When Should You Consider Using a V-Plow?

V-plows are an important piece of the conveyor system. You should consider using a V-plow on any flat surface before every tail pulley.


Strong Design and Built to Last

V-PlowDYNA-TRAC® V-plows are constructed from steel and built to last in tough and harsh environments.

The polyurethane blades can be used on belts with mechanical fasteners or vulcanised splices. The blades do not impact the conveyor belt service life and also minimises belt friction.

The angled design of the DYNA-TRAC® V-plow maximises the removal of unwanted material from the conveyor belt.

The self-adjusting mechanism and float-able technology ensures optimal position for the blades, increasing their effectiveness and service life.

The plow is attached with a safety chain so that the angled V-plow will never disconnect from the structure. This helps prevent any potential damage to the pulley in the highly unlikely event that the V-plow was to fall.

Beneficial Features

V PlowDYNA-TRAC® V-plows can also be fitted with custom hoods which can cover most application requirements.

Zinc coating is the standard surface treatment of the V-plow, however it can also be constructed from stainless steel.

Another unique feature of DYNA-TRAC® V-plows is a turn buckle, which enables smooth functioning of the plow angle and eradicates any vibration.

Additional Designs

ME Plow

DYNA Engineering ME-Plow

The ME-plow’s construction is more robust than the V-plow and is utilised for heavy duty applications. The blades are built in 3 pieces for easy installation and replacement.

It is fitted with high wear resistant long-life blades and eliminates belt vibration due to the constant contact with the Plow blades.

Another unique feature of the ME-Plow is the polyurethane arms which act as a spring. The arms help assist in maintaining constant contact with the belt which results in a cleaner belt.

Diagonal Floating Plow

The diagonal plow is usually used when the material needs to be cleared to one side of the belt.

The blades are usually in a fixed position which enables use for reversing belt type applications.

For more information on V-plows, ME plow and diagonal floating plow visit our V-Plow page or contact us today at dyna@dynaeng.com.au.

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