DYNA Engineering Brush Cleaner

Conveyor Belt Brush Cleaners

DYNA Engineering Conveyor Belt Brush Cleaner

Brush cleaners are specially suited to the removal of carryback from ribbed, grooved, flighted, Chevron or worn belts.

Mounted near the head pulley on the return side of the belt, they efficiently sweep carryback off the belt.

Brush cleaners have an advantage over most conventional scrapers in that they can handle metal clipped belts, worn or repaired belts without loss of brush life.

DYNA Engineering’s brush cleaners use a rotary cleaning action to sweep away fine material. Our spiral wound brushes offer superior cleaning efficiency compared to other types of brushes.​

The short clip below shows how the DYNA-TRAC® tracking rollers performs consistent corrections to keep the belt running smoothly, aligned and centred. 



  • Iron ore,
  • Bauxite,
  • Mineral sands,
  • Coal,
  • and other materials.

Processed Products

  • Alumina,
  • Sugar,
  • Sand foundries,
  • Brick clays,
  • Wood chips,
  • Cement,
  • Clinker,
  • Building products,
  • Salt,
  • and other products.


  • A gearbox and motor are used to rotate the brush. The rotary action makes the cleaning active instead of passive.
  • Brush wear is adjusted by the built-in adjuster mechanism.
  • Brush can be rotated in either direction.

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