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DYNA Engineering Conveyor Guards

DYNA Engineering conveyor guards are a plastic guarding system designed to improve safety for bulk handling systems. The purpose of conveyor guards is to protect personnel from harm associated with conveyors; either by preventing personnel from entering the danger zone and/or to contain rogue material within the conveyor.

Made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), our conveyor guards are designed to be a light-weight, low-maintenance and corrosion-free alternative to conventional non-HDPE guards.

Conveyor Guard DYNA Engineering


Custom Designed to Australian Standards

DYNA Engineering conveyor guards are fit for purpose.

They are designed and engineered for each application using the latest innovations, methodology and techniques.

Our product can be designed to suit your existing equipment and can be adapted to incorporate metal detectors, belt change stations, access platforms, access points, conveyor pull wires, cabling and any other requirement.

They can even be designed to incorporate retractable idler roller frames. Access to the idler frame can be simply done via the removal of a single panel.

Light Weight

Compared to conventional steel guards, our HDPE version is a light-weight solution, being up to 40% lighter.

The usual weight of a standard 1050mm x 1000mm panel can be as low as 6kgs. All our designs are made to be 15kg or less to minimise heavy lifting and ensure
that installation and removal is a one-person job.

Each panel has a weight marked on it to ensure personnel are well informed before they begin work. Height analyses can also be done to minimise overhead lifting.

Simple Design

The conveyor guards focus on ease of access. Each panel can be removed in a matter of minutes with simple tooling for quick and easy access to the conveyor.

Our installation system is designed to be simple, quick and easy. It is as simple as sliding the panel into place and fastening 2 bolts so the guard cannot be removed. No complicated instructions or special skills are required.

During maintenance shutdowns, our guards can be safely secured on the conveyor handrails. This is to ensure that they are out of the way and reduces the likelihood of them being misplaced.


DYNA Engineering’s conveyor guards design is engineered to be robust, suited to heavy duty mining applications and stand the test of time.

Our patented “X” shape design increases it’s strength substantially when compared to standard square mesh panels. This means our product has reduced deflection and is well above the minimum Australian standard to ensure that your personnel are kept safe.

Short Lead Time

DYNA Engineering conveyor guards are Australian made, manufactured in Perth, Western Australia.

Typically, a replacement guard for an existing conveyor can be manufactured in as short as a couple of days. This is a competitive lead-time when compared to potentially weeks or months if sourced internationally.

Lead-times will vary, depending on the scope of the work.

Benefits Overview

DYNA Engineering Conveyor Guards Conventional Steel Conveyor Guards
Doesn’t interfere with metal detectors Yes No
Light weight Yes No
Minimised overhead lifting Yes No
Marked weight on panel Yes No
No painting Yes No
Corrosion free Yes No
Manufactured in colour Yes No
UV stable Yes No
Fade resistant Yes No
Can be removed in minutes Yes No
Only simple tools required Yes No
Convenient storage during maintenance Yes No


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Drawings and Specifications

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Conveyor Guards DYNA Engineering

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