Diverter Plow

DYNA-TRAC® diverter plows (or ploughs) are typically positioned mid-way along the conveyor and used to divert material from the belt.

Typical applications include using the crushing plant to manufacture road base, removal of contaminated or low quality material from the belt prior to reaching storage bins, or removal of material in case of breakdown.

Diverter Plow

Usually used in conjunction with a chute, bulk material is pushed over one or both sides of the belt by a specially designed blade.

The blade can be raised or lowered by manual or automated control.

Activation methods include pneumatic, hydraulic or electric motor drive.

Our design, custom to your application, incorporates a special mechanism to ensure the material is efficiently removed from troughed belts.

More Information

For a more in-depth explanation on diverter plows, see our blog post: Understanding Diverter Plows (Diversion Ploughs) or see our feature article on diverter plows in Australian Bulk Handling review here: Could a Diverter Plow Help Your Conveying Operation?

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Diverter Plow Brochure