Impact Bars

Impact Bars

DYNA Engineering can supply impact bars that make up an impact bed.

The use of impact beds assists the elimination of roller and frame damage in the conveyor loading area.

An impact bed effectively reduces belt damage and shock transfer to the conveyor structure.

Impact bars are used to provide a low friction sliding surface between the impact bed and the rubber belt travelling over it.

Furthermore, the impact bar's rubber backing is designed to absorb impact loads of material on the bed.

Impact Bars Brochure


  • Reduces damage to the belt by supporting the entire loading area
  • UHMWPE polyethylene surface has outstanding wear and sliding properties
  • Ultra elastic rubber backing absorbs impact
  • UHMWPE wear strip and aluminium T-Tracker are joined by hot vulcanising during manufacturing process to ensure strong and reliable adhesion
  • T-Tracker design allows many clamping points along the bar
  • Available in a variety of different heights (50mm, 63mm, 75mm, 100mm)
  • Available in two standard lengths (1220mm, 1524mm)
  • Can be easily cut to the length required

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