Inspection Doors

DYNA-TRAC® Inspection Doors

Inspection Door DYNA EngineeringDYNA-TRAC® inspection doors are used to provide maintenance openings for primary and secondary scrapers, or to inspect inside chutes.

By providing a sealable opening, inspection doors eliminate dust and debris leaking from chute openings.

DYNA-TRAC® inspection door covers are made from moulded polyurethane, providing very high wear-resistance even when in direct contact with material passing through the chute.

DYNA-TRAC® inspection doors are resistant to oil and other chemicals.

DYNA-TRAC® inspection doors are available with steel frames or optional stainless steel frames.


  • Small – 200mm x 300mm
  • Medium – 300mm x 450mm
  • Large – 600mm x 450mm