DYNA-TRAC® Inverted V Tracker

DYNA Engineering Inverted V Tracker

DYNA-TRAC® inverted V tracker is a belt tracking solution that works on the return side of the belt.

The V tracker works without overcompensating or causing wander normally associated with idler trainers.

They are usually mounted as close to the tail pulley as practical to ensure correct alignment before the belt travels around the tail pulley.

Inverted V trackers have a positive action without the need for pivots. Often, quick results can be seen in just a few revolutions.

The V tracker can be used on belts that run in both directions and are compatible with clipped belts.

As the belt is maintained in the correct alignment, the V tracker is an effective way of reducing structural and belt damage caused by mistracking.

For mounting details or general arrangement drawings, please contact DYNA Engineering at dyna@dynaeng.com.au

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