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DYNA Engineering Conveyor Pulley Rubber Lagging

DYNA Engineering's DYNA-TRAC® conveyor pulleys are designed and manufactured to the highest engineering standards to ensure long, reliable, fatigue-resistant service life.

Locally manufactured, our pulleys are constructed from either pipe or rolled steel shells, and incorporate steel plate end-discs and quality shaft material.

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DYNA Engineering Rubber Lagging Conveyor Pulley

Rubber Bonded

Kolag Dimple Ceramic Bonded

DYNA Engineering Ceramic Pulley

Smooth Ceramic Bonded


  • Designed for infinite life
  • Steel plate end-discs
  • Static and/or dynamic balancing
  • Key-less connection of shaft to end-disc, using expanding hubs in drive and non-drive pulleys
  • Shells made of rolled steel-plate or pipe with full penetration welding to the end-disc
  • Pulley shell surfaces  available in plain steel, vulcanised rubber (120 degree diamond shaped pattern) or ceramic tiles as detailed on our pulley lagging page
  • All pulleys are designed by computer software incorporating the latest design theories and many years of experience to ensure infinite shaft and shell life
  • Shaft material; K1030, K1040, K1045, K1050 or 4140
  • Crowned or non-crowned available

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