Pulley Lagging

Pulley 80% Smooth Ceramic
Pulley shells are commonly lagged to protect the pulley face from wear and provide better traction to the belt.

Different lagging materials can be used including rubber, ceramic inlaid rubber and direct bonded ceramic and are typically selected in relation to the operating conditions, life requirements and economics.

Further, grooves or patterns are typically applied to the surface of the lagging to assist with increasing the co-efficient of friction of the pulley to belt. Grooves also assist with dispersing water and mud from the surface of the pulley.

The most common specification is rubber lagging which can be applied as hot vulcanised or cold bonded.

DYNA Engineering has developed a range of highly wear-resistant rubber compounds to maximise the lagging life under diverse or arduous conditions.

Hot vulcanised rubber lagging is applied as a continuous un-joined layer around the pulley shell, and then steam cured to significantly reduce the risk of the lagging separating from the shell. Lagging is then machined to a smooth blemish free surface and typically grooved with a 120˚ diamond pattern to assist with the dispersion of mud and water. Other patterns are available.

Cold bonded lagging is available in a range of thicknesses and patterns including straight, diamond groove and more. DYNA Engineering typically uses Flexco or Kolag, however other brands are available upon request.

Cold bonded ceramic lagging is used to maximise wear-life and friction between pulley and belt. Lagging is available in 15%, 39% and 80% ceramic cover in a variety of patterns, dimpled and smooth finishes.

Lagging Options:

  • Additional rubber grades or properties available to suit project specifications
  • Alternate lagging thicknesses available from 8mm up to 16mm in some lagging materials
  • A variety of groove patterns, profiles and pitches available, such as – herringbone, axial groove, plain and more
  • Cold bonded rubber lagging (Flexco, Kolag and other brands)
  • Cold bonded rubber backed ceramic lagging (Flexco, Kolag and other brands)
  • Direct bonded ceramic lagging tiles available as smooth or dimpled

Common Lagging Types

Hot Vulcanised Diamond Groove Plain RubberDiamond Rubber
Hot Vulcanised Diamond GroovePlain RubberDiamond Rubber
15% Ceramic39% Ceramic80% Smooth Ceramic
15% Ceramic39% Ceramic80% Smooth Ceramic
80% Dimple CeramicKolag Dimple CeramicDirect Bond Ceramic Lagging DYNA Engineering
80% Dimple CeramicKolag Dimple CeramicDirect Bonded Ceramic

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