Pulley Reconditioning

DYNA Engineering can recondition used pulleys to give an old pulley new life. Reconditioning is recommended when the shell and shaft are in good condition but the bearings, locking assembly, or lagging may be worn.

Services include:

  • Crack testing of the shell and shaft
  • Bearing and locking assembly replacement
  • Shell re-lagging


DYNA Engineering provides a wide range of on-site pulley reconditioning services including critical maintenance and re-lagging.

All pulleys can be re-lagged to meet your requirements including cold bonded rubber lagging (Flexco, Kolag and other brands) and ceramic lagging (Flexco, Kolag and other brands) or hot vulcanised rubber lagging (off-site only). For more information about our lagging options, please refer to our Pulley Lagging brochure.

Pulley Reconditioning

The pulley pictured above was fully reconditioned at DYNA Engineering’s modern workshop facilities and included:

  • Sand blasting
  • Crack testing
  • Relagging with hot vulcanised rubber
  • Locking assemblies and bearings fitted to manufacturer’s specifications
  • Spray painting to the client’s colour and coating specification