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DYNAFastFit® Spray Bars

DYNA Engineering Spray Bars

A spray bar is a pipe arrangement with several spray nozzles fittings used to disperse a liquid, usually water, in a desired pattern to assist with cleaning the conveyor belt or suppressing dust particles.

When used in a belt cleaning application, the spray bar is normally located between the primary and secondary scraper and is designed to position the spray nozzles in the most effective position in relation to the conveyor belt surface.

DYNAFastFit® spray bars can be designed for a vast range of applications, flow rates and supply pressures.

Configured to suit almost any application, DYNAFastFit® spray bars are made from stainless steel for a tough, long-lasting solution. Our bars will not rust or corrode and are designed for non-potable water sources including high salinity water and recycled process water.​

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Simple Design and Easy to Use

Retractable Shaft

DYNA Engineering Spray Bar Retractable Shaft

DYNAFastFit® spray bars have a unique design that employs a fully retractable spray bar, mounted in a stationary shaft to form a two-part assembly.

With the stationary shaft remaining in its location, the bar can simply be removed by disconnecting from the water supply and removing two clips. The bar can then be retracted from the stationary shaft in a matter of seconds.

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No Need For Stoppages

The spray bar can even be safely removed and returned to its original position while the conveyor is running without the need for highly skilled labour.

There are no tools required to remove the bar and no need to remove guards. The opening created when the bar is removed complies with AS 4024 Safety of Machinery.

DYNAFastFit Spray Bar

Safer Maintenance

When the spray bar is removed from the stationary shaft, maintenance can be performed in a safe and ergonomic location. This allows maintenance personnel to quickly remove any sediment build up from the pipe. Maintenance personnel are able to unblock any clogged nozzles from outside of the chute.

The spray bar can simply be returned to its original position, water supply connected and returned to operation.

As this can be done safely while the conveyor is running, there is no need to wait for the next shutdown. This ensures cleaning efficiency is maintained and carry back is kept to a minimum throughout the production cycle.​

Other Applications and Uses

DYNA Engineering Spray Bar Drawing

Spray bars can also be used in dust suppression applications. When dust forming materials are aerated or exposed to moving air streams, particles can be separated and carried away in the air.

Spray bars can be an effective solution to reduce the amount of dust pollution. The bars wet the surface material, or atomise water or other solutions into the air, to capture the dust particles.

Loading points, chutes, crushers and screens and material discharge points are typical locations where dust is generated.

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