DYNA-TRAC® Tracking Rollers Range

DYNA-TRAC® tracking rollers are a relatively low-cost and low-maintenance solution to belt tracking.

Easily installed on most conveyor systems, DYNA-TRAC® tracking rollers are self-aligning and self-adjusting.

Tracking Roller

Features of the DYNA-TRAC® Tracking Rollers

Intuitive Steering Mechanism

Tracking RollerThe intuitive, self-adjusting mechanism uses belt forces provided by gravity, friction and balance to keep the belt aligned and centred while the belt is in motion.

Our design effectively steers the belt towards the centre of the conveyor without the need for side rollers or pivot frames.

By using conveyor belt forces to adjust the tracking, the tracking roller is constantly adjusting any small changes in the belt alignment.

This eliminates any delayed response which is typical of the traditional rollers.

The intuitive steering mechanism streamlines the correct steering response based on the force applied, which helps to prevent over-correction.

Edge-Less Steering

On top of the improved tracking mechanism, another important feature of the DYNA-TRAC® tracking roller is the belt edges no longer need to come in contact with side guide rollers.

The traditional design incorporated the side guide rollers as an essential part of the design.

The side rollers are now redundant and have been removed.

This has eliminated any potential damage and wear to the conveyor belt which would normally be caused by the side guide rollers.

Rubber Lagging

Tracking Roller Diamond Grooved LaggingAll DYNA-TRAC® tracking rollers are supplied with diamond grooved rubber lagging to improve grip on the belt.

This improves the steering performance in a variety of conditions including dry, wet and muddy.

Diamond-grooved rubber lagging enables more positive and reliable tracking than traditional plain steel rollers.

Enhanced Sealing

DYNA-TRAC® tracking rollers have enhanced dust sealing.

The seals ensure greater service life of the steering mechanism when compared with traditional rollers.

Traditional models frequently suffer from pivot bearing failure due to dust and other contaminates entering the pivot bearing.

Our redesigned mechanism, combined with improved dust sealing, resists the entry of water, dust and other forms of contamination.

Cost Saving Benefits

The cost saving benefits include:

• Minimised stoppages due to belt tracking issues
• Elimination of the side guide roller
• Rubber lagging to improve steering performance of the belt
• Improved dust sealing of the bearings and pivot mechanism
• Reduced maintenance & cleaning costs
• Longer service life of the roller assembly
• Longer service life for the conveyor belt due to reduced edge damage

Video Demonstration

Tracking Roller

The above short clip show how the DYNA-TRAC® tracking rollers performs consistent corrections to keep the belt running smoothly, aligned and centred. 


The Range

Return Tracking Roller

Return Tracking Roller


Drawings and Specifications
Return Tracking Roller
General Arrangement Drawings GA-0145
Belt Widths (mm) 400, 500, 650, 800, 1000, 1200, 1400, 1600, 1800, 2000, 2200, 2400, 2600