Under Conveyor Guard (UCG)

Under Conveyor Guard


DYNA Engineering’s Under Conveyor Guard (UCG) is designed to stop and contain objects from falling through the
conveyor structure. Our UCG is an innovative and effective dropped object prevention system which is designed to
capture objects that may otherwise fall to the ground and pose a potential hazard to personnel, wildlife or equipment.

Engineered to be installed to the conveyor structure below the conveyor system, DYNA’s UCG has been purposefully
designed for easy installation, easy maintenance and long service life in harsh mining conditions.

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DYNA Engineering Under Conveyor Guards

HDPE Panel

The HDPE panel is made from 100% Australian recycled and recyclable HDPE (high-density polyethylene) plastic and is designed to capture objects greater than the slot size and prevent them falling to the ground.

Under Conveyor Guard Panel

The mesh is also designed to allow fine/small material to fall through, as in most circumstances it does not pose a risk of injury, and can be washed down during maintenance.

Support Bar

The support bar is of steel construction and is designed to be retrofitted (bolted) around the conveyor truss or other structures with little or no modification to the existing structure.

The panel simply slides into 2 support bars and is lightly clamped between the panel retaining frame and panel mounting channel.

The mounting assembly is designed to suit many different conveyor truss and stringer structures, including SHS, RHS, angle iron and I beams. Other standard steel variations are possible, please contact us for more information.

Under Conveyor Guard Support Bar

Designed Capability

The HDPE panel and support bars are designed to suit the application. Our basis of design will consider the expected impact forces and deadloads which will be applied to the system, to ensure that we deliver a product that meets your specific requirements. The HDPE panel is engineered so it can be removed from the support system, allowing access to the guarded area without removing the support bar from the structure. This ensures easy access for cleaning and equipment change-outs.

Easy Installation

DYNA Engineering’s UCG is designed to be installed by two people with simple tools. The panels have an estimated weight of 6kg-15kg, depending on the conveyor width and panel size. Each competent of the support bar has been designed to be minimal in weight. The support bar is bolted around the existing conveyor structure with 2 fixed bolts and nuts at each end.

Under Conveyor Guard

Long Service Life

The HDPE panels are 10mm thick, UV rated HDPE with an estimated service life of 10-15 years. The panels can be made in any colour although DYNA’s recommends black as the most resistant colour to UV wear.

The support bar is hot dip galvanised and has a service life of 15 years.

Reduced Maintenance

Our HDPE panels will not rust, corrode or require painting, reducing your maintenance costs when compared to steel alternatives.

Under Conveyor Guard

Short Lead Time

DYNA Engineering’s UCG is manufactured in Perth, Western
Australia. While lead times vary depending on the scope of the work, typically, a replacement panel for an existing installation can be manufactured in as short as several days.

Benefits Overview

Your maintenance personnel have been heavily considered in the design process as almost no maintenance is required. Manufactured in Australian Standard AS2700 Y14 Golden Yellow and UV stable, the guards require no painting, are fade resistant and corrosion free. Other colours are available upon request.

BenefitsDYNA Engineering GuardsConventional Steel Guards
Impact AbsorbingYesNo
Minimised Overhead LiftingYesNo
Marked Weight on PanelYesNo
No Repainting RequiredYesNo
Corrosion Free PanelsYesNo
Manufactured in ColourYesNo
UV StableYesNo
Fade ResistantYesNo
Can be Removed in MinutesYesNo
Only Simple Tools RequiredYesNo
Made from Recycled/Recycled HDPEYesNo