V Plow


DYNA Engineering V-Plow

The V-plow conveyor belt cleaner is mounted on the return side of the belt just before the tail pulley. Its function is to remove material which falls onto the return side of the conveyor belt which could pass between the belt and tail pulley. Excess material can cause wear and larger lumps result in holes in the belt.

DYNA-TRAC® V-plows are robustly constructed and incorporate a 100 x 100mm solid rubber bar as the cleaning element. This ensures long service life and simplified maintenance.

DYNA-TRAC® V-plows optionally come with with poly bush blades.

Other Options


Also available is DYNA Engineering’s VB-plow which has a low profile elevation down to approximately 170mm. This allows installation in locations where normally a V-plow could not be installed. DYNA-TRAC® VB-plows incorporate polyurethane blades as the cleaning element. A self adjusting unit eliminates the need to re-adjust to accommodate blade wear for the full life of the blade.

VB-Plow Brochure


DYNA-TRAC® ME-plows are designed with three polyurethane arms. The arms are adjusted to have some tension, making the plow follow the belt and maintain contact with the belt surface. This design feature allows the plow to comfortably handle convex surfaced belts and perform in extremely difficult conditions.

ME-Plow Brochure

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