Conveyor Audits & Inspections

Dyna Engineering

DYNA Engineering offers a broad range of conveyor audits and inspections.

The mining industry has generally considered conveyor systems as a high-risk area. It’s important to maintain conveyors consistently and effectively to minimise any potential risk to the health and safety of your personnel and improve reliability.

As conveyor systems are very complex, DYNA Engineering has an experienced team to conduct conveyor inspection and audits on any size and complexity of system.

We can provide detailed reports on specific components and complete conveyor systems, and highlight any problem areas.

This includes documenting Standard Operational Procedures (SOP) for the inspection and maintenance of the conveyor system for both operators and maintenance personnel. We can tailor our audit to your needs.

As an experienced conveyor specialist with over 30 years of experience, DYNA Engineering conducts audits under Australian Standards, AS1755 – 2000 Conveyor Safety. These reports are accurate, detailed and up-to-date.

Life Cycle and Preventative Maintenance Planning

DYNA Engineering On-site Conveyor

DYNA Engineering can produce Life Cycle and Preventative Maintenance Plans. The plan outlines a program that assists you in keeping equipment operating at high efficiency levels.

The reports identify critical issues and help you minimise time spent on shutdowns and breakdowns.

The report also identifies potential problems before they occur so they can be averted or the risk minimised.

Where to Begin

The process begins with you setting out a scope of work.

Site inspections and data are collected and a comprehensive report is produced. The report highlights the areas for immediate attention and other areas which need to be addressed.

We inspect all conveyor equipment and components, including:
• Air knives
• Brush cleaners
• Conveyor belts
• Diverter plows
• Idlers and rollers
• Impact beds
• Pulleys
• Scrapers
• Skirting seals
• Spray bars
• Structure
• V-plows

Common areas of attention include:
• Belt thickness
• Belt tracking
• General access to equipment for maintenance
• Idler frame alignments
• Impact zone
• Pulley alignment
• Safety guards to AS1755

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