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HDPE Conveyor Guards – Frequently Asked Questions

conveyor guards DYNA Engineering

DYNA Engineering’s new HDPE conveyor guards are revolutionising occupational health and safety practices around high-risk machinery. Made out of high-density polyethylene, we offer a superior alternative to traditional steel guards, ensuring complete protection for your personnel along with a wide range of added benefits. Here are the answers to some commonly asked questions about our …

Bringing Conveyors Into the 21st Century

Australian Mining October 2019 DYNA Engineering

We have been featured in the October 2019 issue of Australian Mining! The article below talks about the innovation and ideas behind the development of our new HDPE conveyor guards. Managing Director Graeme and General Manager Thomas also talk about where they see the general direction of DYNA Engineering heading in the future, and how …

11 Benefits of HDPE Conveyor Guards

conveyor guards DYNA Engineering

When guarding your conveyor systems, safety always comes first. Your first thought about safety is generally directed towards the conveyor during operation. However, safety consideration should also extend to when the conveyor is not operating, as well as during the installation of and long-term maintenance of the guards. HDPE conveyor guards are revolutionising the conveyor …