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Conveyor Brush Cleaners Explained

Conveyor Brush Cleaner DYNA Engineering 3x2

What Is a Brush Cleaner?   As the name suggests, a brush cleaner is a conveyor cleaning product designed to clean conveyor belts with a sizeable brush. Brush cleaners are usually connected to a gear box and motor which allows the brush cleaner to consistently rotate. The brush cleaner may be driven in either direction …

The Unique Features of the DYNAFastFit® Conveyor Scraper Range


The DYNAFastFit® conveyor scraper range has many unique and innovative features which are not found on conventional conveyor scrapers. These revolutionary characteristics include our patented bearing housings and retractable shaft. When combined, these features are designed to reduce maintenance hours and improve safety and working conditions. Features Out-of-Chute Concept DYNAFastFit® is a conveyor cleaning range …

Belt Scrapers


DYNAFastFit® Scrapers Range   The DYNAFastFit® conveyor belt scraper range is designed to fit all traditional and conventional scraper positions. Constructed from stainless steel, DYNAFastFit® scrapers are resistant to rusting and corrosion are not subject to paint damage. The scrapers are engineered with retractable shafts for easy removal of the scraper from the conveyor system. …