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Conveyor Skirting Explained (Australian Bulk Handling Review)

Conveyor Skirting Explained ABHR Jan Feb 2020 DYNA Engineering

Australian Bulk Handling Review January/February 2020 Issue Our latest article below for the January/February issue features our best-selling conveyor skirting product: Flexiseal®. The article discusses the key features of Flexiseal® and how they can benefit your conveyor operations. DYNA Engineering is publishing educational engineering articles in every Australian Bulk Handling Review issue during 2019. Our …

What Does Conveyor Skirting Do?

conveyor skirting

What is Conveyor Skirting? Conveyor skirting is a product that maintains a dust seal between the chute structure and the conveyor belt. It is usually made out of rubber strips and mechanical grips, which keeps the rubber in place.   What is Conveyor Skirting Used For? As materials enter the top of the chute, some …

Conveyor Skirting

conveyor skirting

Flexiseal® Conveyor Skirting Flexiseal® conveyor skirting has been especially designed to create an effective seal between the conveyor structure and the conveyor belt. There are some unique features which makes Flexiseal® superior to conventional conveyor skirting. Dynamic System A common issue with conventional skirt sealing systems is that they fail to maintain an effective seal …