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Conveyor Brush Cleaners Explained

As the name suggests, a brush cleaner is a conveyor cleaning product designed to clean conveyor belts with a sizeable brush.

Brush cleaners are usually connected to a gear box and motor which allows the brush cleaner to consistently rotate. The brush cleaner may be driven in either direction to provide the best clean possible.

Like your standard brush, brush cleaners have large bristles which sweeps the surface of the targeted area to remove excess material.

In the case of conveyor belt cleaning, they are used to brush away material from the surface of the conveyor belt.

DYNA Engineering Brush Cleaner

When Would I Need One?

DYNA Engineering Chevron Conveyor Belt

Brush cleaners can be used on any conveyor system however they are particularly suited to belts which do not have flat surfaces where normal cleaners are not effective. They are also suitable for reversing belts.

Some examples of non-flat conveyor belts are:

• Grooved rubber belt;

• Cleated rubber belt;

• Mechanically joined conveyor belt (the metal clips can get caught in conventional scraper cleaning products);

• Chevron rubber belt.

The bristles are able to weave in and out of troughs and up and down raised sections of the belt without increasing the wear or reducing the service life.

The bristles are able to clean without becoming caught on anything and potentially damaging the conveyor belt.

Brush the Material Away

Material build up is a common issue for conveyor systems.

Brush cleaners are designed to minimise excess material on the conveyor belt after the material is discharged, reducing build up on the pulleys and idlers.

They can be used with any type of material including dry, wet, sticky, static-charged and/or highly abrasive materials.

Although brush cleaners can be used on all applications, they are practically effective when the material is dry and granular, where the material may be sticking to be belt surface by way of static charge or adhering to the belt by some adhesive properties of the material.

Tight Space, No Worries!

Another situation which brush cleaners are suited for is confined space applications.

When space is limited and conventional cleaning products such as scrapers and spray bars are difficult to install and maintain, they can be an easy and simple solution. They are easy to install and can be designed to fit in just about any space.

Where Is It Located?

Brush cleaners are usually mounted near the head pulley on the return side of the belt.

They can be used in conjunction with a primary scraper when the initial material may be too high for the brush cleaner alone.

When designing the conveyor system, it is important to consider the appropriate cleaning solution for the system – especially around the head pulley and discharge chute.

If the belt is not cleaned effectively, material can build up. This can cause an increased cost of maintenance as the conveyor components and pulleys may be worn faster, and additional downtime may be needed to remove the material build up.

brush cleaner

Which Types of Mining are Brush Cleaners Most Suited To?

Brush cleaners can be used in all conveyor cleaning applications. However, they are practically suited to conveyors transporting fine particle materials such as mineral sands, cement, salt, sugar, fertiliser, dust, wood chips and other fine powders.

Features of DYNA Engineering Brush Cleaners

Brush cleaners can be fitted with many types of bristles for a large range of applications. This includes hard, soft, short, long, anti-static, natural fibre and even wire. Match these with different directions and speeds, and the variants are endless.

A gearbox and motor are used to rotate the brush. The rotating action makes the cleaning active instead of passive. Unlike other cleaning methods, particles are not just pushed or scraped away.

Brush wear can be adjusted by the built-in adjuster mechanism.

They can be rotated in either direction, depending on the best cleaning action.

If you would to find out more information, check out our Brush Cleaners page or contact us here.

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