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High Capacity, Heavy Duty and Continuous Operation

DYNA Engineering Impact Idler Roller

DYNA Engineering designs our idler rollers for continuous operation. Our design principals incorporate high capacity and heavy-duty applications, abrasive materials, in the most demanding operating conditions.

We are market leaders for conveyor rollers and frames, set very high design standards and do not compromise on quality.

Quality Assured

DYNA Engineering Plain Idler Roller

Our conveyor rollers are manufactured from high quality ERW tube, precision pressed bearing housings, quality double sealed bearings, and labyrinth seals.

DYNA Engineering’s quality assurance systems include testing of rolling resistance, run-out and dynamic balance to ensure every roller meets our high-quality standards.

We manufacture conveyor rollers in accordance to strict quality controls and use the latest manufacturing techniques and equipment. This achieves superior life, reduced rolling resistance, and ultimately delivering lower operating costs to our customers.

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Our Manufacturing Methodology

  • Manufactured with precision ERW tube on dedicated production lines
  • Machined on modern automated equipment
  • Fitted with precision pressed bearing housings
  • Shafts are manufactured from cold drawn shafting materials or machined shafts
  • Larger diameter stepped shafts to eliminate deflection under load on wider face widths
  • Automated welding to ensure weld quality and consistency of the weld
  • Machine fitted bearings and seals to ensure precision alignment and longer life
  • Inspection and Test Plans for run-out, rotational force and balance
  • Fully painted externally to reduce corrosion and improve appearance
  • Packaged to avoid damage during transport or storage
  • Boxed and labelled to ensure easy identification of every component

Superior Sealing Technology

  • Triple labyrinth outer seal to eliminate potential bearing failure from dust, water exposure or salty conditions
  • Vertical labyrinth seals greased to ensure exclusion of contaminants
  • Inner seals can be lip or double labyrinth seal
  • All bearings are fitted with double side shields and pre-packed for life

Our Range

Rollers are available in Plain, Tapered, Rubber Lagged, Rubber Disc, Rubber Screw, Steel Screw and Impact styles.

Shell materials include steel, galvanised steel, aluminium and HDPE.

Rollers can be customised to suit almost any requirement including bearing brand, bearing size or series, and project standards and specifications.

DYNA Engineering Impact Idler Roller

Impact Rollers

Installed at the material loading point to reduce impact forces caused by falling material, reducing roller damage.

Plain Rollers

Plain rollers are used to support and shape the conveyor belt. Plain rollers can be fitted to the load side of the belt in: trough, tracking and transition frames, or fitted to the return side of the belt.

Rubber Screw Rollers

Incorporates a cleaning function to reduce material build-up on the belt, improving belt tracking and reducing roller wear.

Steel Screw Rollers

Incorporates several anti-tearing rubber rings to assist with removal of material build-up and belt-tracking.

Rubber Disc Rollers

Anti burn rubber discs resist tearing and material build-up to assist with belt tracking.

Rubber Coated Rollers

Anti burn rubber discs resist tearing and material build-up to assist with belt tracking.

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